Kuto’s life no. 751

Kuto had never been one for words. He was a man of action, and he preferred to let his fists do the talking. But as he sat in his cell in Hong Kong, he couldn't help but reflect on his life and all the grief that had filled it.

He thought back to his childhood growing up in Japan. His parents had died when he was young, and he'd been forced to fend for himself from a very early age. He'd quickly learned that the world was a harsh place, and that if you didn't fight for what you wanted, you would never get anything.

He'd built up a reputation as a tough guy, and soon enough people were afraid of him. He liked the feeling of power that came with being feared, and so he embraced it fully. He started getting into fights just for the sake of it, enjoying the thrill of violence.

Eventually his fighting caught up with him though, and he ended up spending time in jail for assault . It was there that he met Yuen , another inmate who would change his life forever . Yuen introduced Kuto to the world of martial arts , and showed him how to channel his aggression into something constructive . Kuto quickly took to martial arts like a fish to water ,and soon became one of Yuen's most talented students . After they were both released from prison , Kuto followed Yuen to Hong Kong where they opened up their own martial arts school together . For the first time in his life , Kuto felt like he belonged somewhere ; like he had purpose . And so began some ofthe happiest yearsofhis life ... until tragedy struck once again
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