Kuto’s life no. 747

Kuto was having a tough time in Nigeria. He was constantly worried about his safety and the safety of his family. The situation in Nigeria was volatile and dangerous, and Kuto knew that he had to be extra careful.

One day, Kuto went out for a walk with his family. Suddenly, they heard gunshots fired in the distance. Kuto's heart sank as he realized that they were in danger. He quickly ushered his family into a nearby building for shelter.

Kuto peeked out of the window to see what was happening. He saw men with guns running around and firing at each other. It was chaos. Kuto's heart raced as he feared for his life and the lives of his loved ones.

Suddenly, one of the men ran towards their building. Kuto's heart skipped a beat as he realized that they were about to be attacked. He quickly grabbed a weapon and prepared to defend himself and his family . . .
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