Kuto’s life no. 744

Kuto had always been a bit different from the other kids in his village. He was born with a bowl haircut that made him look like he was always ready for a fight. His hair color was carrot, and his face was always shaved. He wore a blue plaid shirt that made him look like he was ready for action.

The other kids would often make fun of Kuto, but he didn't let it bother him. He knew that he was different and that's what made him special. One day, when Kuto was out in the forest gathering firewood, he came across a strange creature unlike anything he had ever seen before. The creature had three eyes and four legs, and it seemed to be staring right at him.

Kuto didn't know what to do, so he just stood there stared back at the creature. Suddenly, the creature started to speak: "I am from another world! I am here to help you!" The creature then went on to explain that its world was in danger and that it needed Kuto's help save it!

Kuto didn't know what to say or think; all he could do is agree to help the creatures planet! And so began Kuto's amazing adventure! Together with his new friend, they travelled through time and space saving worlds from destruction! They even met famous people along the way who helped them on their quest! Everywhere they went people cheered for them as they were hailed as heroes! It seemed like nothing could stop them... until one day they ran into an evil villain who challenged them to a duel...
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