Kuto’s life no. 740

Kuto was a young man who lived in Curaçao. He was always filled with concern and had a grey beanie hat that he never took off. His hair color was terracotta and he wore round white sunglasses. He also had a shaved face. Kuto always wore a white arabic shirt.

One day, Kuto went to the market to buy some food for his family. While he was there, he saw a beautiful woman walking by. She was so beautiful that Kuto couldn't help but stare at her. The woman noticed Kuto staring at her and she walked over to him.

The woman asked Kuto why he was staring at her and he told her that she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. The woman smiled and told him that she thought he was handsome too. Then she asked him if he wanted to go for coffee with her sometime. Kuto hesitated because he wasn't sure if it would be proper for him to go out with a woman who wasn't Muslim, but then the woman said she would convert to Islam if it would make him feel better about going out with her
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