Kuto’s life no. 736

Kuto's life was filled with terror. He was always afraid of the dark, and when he was alone, he felt like something was watching him. He would hear strange noises in the night, and sometimes he would see things moving in the shadows. He never knew what was real and what wasn't, and it made him very paranoid.

One night, Kuto heard a noise outside his window. It sounded like someone was trying to open it. He slowly got out of bed and crept towards the window. Peeking through the blinds, he saw a figure standing outside in the darkness. The figure seemed to be wearing a grey cyclist cap and had light blonde hair. It also had oversized round black eyeglasses that made it look even more eerie.

Kuto's heart began to race as he watched the figure just stand there staring at his window. Suddenly, it reached up and knocked on the glass three times before turning away and walking off into the darkness. Kuto quickly ran to lock his window tight before crawling back into bed shaking with fear all night long wondering who or what that could have been...
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