Kuto’s life no. 734

Kuto was born in Indonesia, and his life has been filled with concern. His head is balding, and his hair color is dark brown. He wears aviator silver eyeglasses, and has a shaved face. He wears a black shirt.

Kuto's parents were very poor, so when he was five years old, they sent him to live with his grandparents in the countryside. Kuto's grandfather was a farmer, and Kuto loved helping him in the fields. But when Kuto was ten years old, his grandfather died suddenly of a heart attack.

Kuto's grandmother did her best to care for him, but she was very old and could not work anymore. They often went hungry because there wasn't enough food to eat. When Kuto turned thirteen, he decided to leave home and try to make some money on his own so that he could help support his grandmother.
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