Kuto’s life no. 72

Kuto had never felt so much grief in his life. He had lost everything he loved and cherished, and was now left with nothing but a broken heart. It seemed like only yesterday that he was living a happy life in Kiribati, surrounded by his friends and family. But now, all of that was gone.

The first blow came when Kuto's wife died unexpectedly. It was a shock to everyone, including Kuto himself. He didn't know how he was going to cope without her by his side. The second blow came when Kuto lost his job. With no income coming in, he quickly ran out of money and had to start selling possessions just to make ends meet.

And then, the final straw came when Kuto's home was destroyed by a massive cyclone . He barely managed to escape with his life , but all of his belongings were lost . Forced to live on the streets , Kuto slowly began to lose hope . His once bright outlook on life turned dark , as he saw no way out of his current situation .

But one day , as Kuto sat wallowing in self-pity , something miraculous happened . A kind stranger offered him a helping hand up , and for the first time in awhile , Kuto felt hopeful again . With this new found sense of hope , Kuto decided that it wasn't over for him yet ; there was still much adventure left to be had in this world ...
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