Kuto’s life no. 683

Kuto was born in Comoros, and his life has been filled with anger ever since. He has a pompadour haircut, honey blonde hair color, and wears round black sunglasses. His face is shaved clean, and he has a silver helix piercing on his left ear. He always wears a white and black t-shirt.

Kuto grew up in a poor family, never having enough to eat or wear. He was always getting into fights with other kids because he was so angry all the time. When he was old enough, he joined a gang and started dealing drugs. He quickly rose through the ranks of the gang thanks to his quick temper and willingness to violence.

One day, Kuto got into an argument with one of his customers who didn't want to pay for the drugs he had bought from him. The customer pulled out a gun and shot Kuto in the stomach before running away. Kuto managed to stagger back to his home where his mother nursed him back to health over several weeks.

Once he recovered from his wounds, Kuto swore revenge against the man who had shot him
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