Kuto’s life no. 679

Kuto had always been a stern man. He was raised in a strict household and had always been expected to behave in a certain way. He never really questioned it, but he knew that it wasn't the life that he wanted for himself.

He longed for adventure and excitement, but his life was filled with nothing but work and responsibility. So, when he heard about Saint Pierre and Miquelon, he saw it as his chance to finally escape the mundane existence that he had been living.

The island was everything that Kuto had hoped for and more. It was beautiful and wild, and there were no rules or expectations here. For the first time in his life, Kuto felt truly free.

He let his hair grow out into a messy mop top style and stopped shaving his beard, letting it grow into a Zappa-esque style. He began wearing brightly colored sweaters instead of the somber suits that he was used to wearing. And most importantly, he started smiling all the time.

The change in Kuto's appearance shocked everyone who knew him back home, but they soon got used to it. In fact, they found themselves liking this new version of Kuto much better than the old one
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