Kuto’s life no. 674

Kuto was in Portugal, and his life was filled with rage. He had a black and white snapback cap on, and his hair color was rusted red. His face was shaved, and he had a silver earring on his left lobe. He wore a white and black t-shirt, and he looked like he wanted to kill someone.

He walked down the street, looking for someone to take his anger out on. He saw a group of tourists walking around, minding their own business, and he decided they would be his target. He walked up to them quickly and started shouting at them in Portuguese. They didn't understand what he was saying, but they could tell from the look on his face that he wasn't happy.

He pushed one of the tourists forcefully before turning away from them and continuing down the street. He came across a store that selling souvenirs for tourists, and he went inside with the intention of causing havoc. He started throwing things off the shelves and knocking over displays. The store owner came out from behind the counter to try to stop him, but Kuto just punched him in the stomach before making his escape."
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