Kuto’s life no. 673

Kuto awoke with a start. It was still dark outside, but he could hear the sounds of the jungle waking up around him. He quickly got to his feet, grabbed his machete and knife from where they rested against the tree trunk, and started hacking at the vines and undergrowth that blocked his path. He had been walking for days, ever since he had fled his village in Suriname after it was attacked by rebels. Kuto knew that if they caught up to him they would kill him, so he pushed himself harder than ever before, determined to reach safety.

By midday he was exhausted and covered in sweat. He stopped to take a drink from his canteen and leaned against a tree to rest for a few minutes. As he stood there panting for breath, he heard the sound of voices carried on the breeze. Instantly alert, Kuto flattened himself against the trunk of the tree and listened carefully. The voices were getting closer; soon they would be upon him!

He considered running away again but knew that if they saw him they would surely catch him this time. Instead, he decided to take refuge in one of the abandoned mineshafts dotting this part of Suriname . Steeling himself for what might lie ahead , Kuto began crawling into one of these dark holes...
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