Kuto’s life no. 669

Kuto was always a worrywart. Every little thing filled him with concern and he fretting about what could go wrong. Even when things were going well, Kuto would find something to worry about. It was exhausting for those around him, but Kuto couldn't help it.

One day, Kuto decided to take a vacation to Mauritius in order to try and relax. He packed his bags and set off on the long journey. After arriving at his destination, Kuto immediately began worrying about all the potential dangers that could be lurking on the island. He didn't want to leave his hotel room for fear of getting lost or being attacked by an animal.

Eventually, Kuto's anxiety got the best of him and he decided to head back home early. As he was packing his bags, he noticed a red backward cap lying on the floor of his room. He hadn't seen it before and wondered where it had come from. Suddenly, he realized that he had left it at home before leaving on his trip!
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