Kuto’s life no. 655

It was early morning when Kuto woke up from the sound of birds chirping outside his window. He slowly got out of bed, feeling every muscle in his body ache. It had been a long time since he had felt this way; usually he was too busy working to notice any physical pain. But now, in retirement, everything seemed to hurt.

He made his way downstairs and into the kitchen, where he started a pot of tea. As he waited for it to boil, he looked out the window at the small garden behind his house. It was overgrown and neglected; Kuto hadn't had the heart to take care of it since his wife died.

The tea was ready and Kuto poured himself a cup before siting down at the table with a sigh. He picked up a book that he had been reading but couldn't seem to focus on the words anymore. Everything just reminded him of how empty his life had become without her by his side.

He put down the book and stood up, wanderign aimlessly around his house until he found himself in front of her picture onthe wall . He reached out and traced her face with shaking fingers before turning away with tear-filled eyes . There wqas nothing left for him here; no reason to stay any longer . It was time tp go back tpo Ireland ,to teh place where they first met all those years ago...
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