Kuto’s life no. 63

Kuto's life was filled with concern. He was in Bhutan and had a buzz haircut. His hair color was rusted red and he wore round white sunglasses. He also had a shaved face. Kuto wore a black polo shirt and carried a bag over his shoulder. He walked through the village, looking around at the people and animals. He stopped to talk to some of the villagers, asking them about their lives and what they did for work. Many of them told him that they were farmers or herdsmen, but there were also many who said they were unemployed because there wasn't much work in the village anymore. Some of the men asked Kuto if he could help them find jobs, but he explained that he wasn't from around here and didn't know where any jobs might be available.

As Kuto continued walking through the village, he noticed a group of boys playing near a stream. They were laughing and joking with each other as they played games with stones or sticks in the water. It looked like they were having fun, but Kuto couldn't help feel sad when he saw them because he knew that soon enough they would have to grow up and start working like everyone else in the village; there wouldn't be time for playing then.

Further down the path, Kuto came across an old woman sitting on a bench outside her house . She was knitting something with bright yarn while she hummed softly to herself . As Kuto approached her , she looked up at him with kind eyes . He asked her how she was doing today ,and she told him that she was well despite her age . When Kuto asked what kind of work she used to do ,the old woman told him that she used to be a weaver ;she used to make beautiful fabrics that people would admire . But now ,she said ,her hands weren't as steady as they once were so she couldn’t weave anymore .Kuto thanked her for talking with him before continuing on his way .
He thought about what the old woman had said as he walked; it must not be easy getting older and not being able to do things you once loved doing just because your body isn't able to do it anymore ...
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