Kuto’s life no. 605

Kuto had always been a curious one. When he was younger, he was always the first to want to try new things and explore his surroundings. He loved learning about different cultures and customs, which is why he decided to travel the world when he turned 18. Sri Lanka was his latest stop, and he was fascinated by everything he saw and experienced there.

He'd been in the country for a few weeks now, and it seemed like every day brought something new. He loved wandering around Colombo, marveling at all of the sights and sounds. The city was so alive and vibrant, unlike anything he'd ever seen before. He even found himself enjoying some of the more traditional Sri Lankan dishes despite being a bit hesitant at first.

But as much as Kuto loved exploring all that Sri Lanka had to offer, there was one thing that stood out above everything else: the people. Everyone he met here seemed so friendly and welcoming, something that was definitely not common in his home country of Japan. He quickly made several friends among both locals and other travelers alike, which only made his experience here all the more enjoyable.

One afternoon, Kuto found himself hanging out with some of his new friends near Galle Face Green Park overlooking Colombo Harbour. They were laughing and joking around like they always did, but today there seemed to be an extra air of excitement in the air for some reason."What's going on?" Kuto asked curiously."You'll see," one of his friends replied with a grin."Come on," another said as they pulled him along towards where everyone else appeared to be gathering."We're going to watch a kabaddi match!"
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