Kuto’s life no. 59

Kuto had always been a bit of an outsider. He was born in Zimbabwe, but his parents were from the United States. He grew up feeling like he didn't quite fit in anywhere. His classmates would make fun of him for being different and he was always the last one picked for teams in PE. It wasn't that Kuto wasn't athletic, he just didn't have the same natural talent that some of his classmates did.

As he got older, Kuto tried to find things that made him feel more connected to his Zimbabwean roots. He started listening to traditional music and learning about the history and culture of his country. But no matter how hard he tried, he still felt like an outsider looking in.

One day, Kuto's uncle came to visit from America. He was excited to finally meet someone from his family who looked like him and shared his background. But when they met, Kuto's uncle barely acknowledged him. It was as if he was embarrassed by Kuto's existence. The rejection hurt deeply, but it only confirmed what Kuto already knew: that he would never truly belong anywhere
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