Kuto’s life no. 575

Kuto was born in Senegal, and his life has been filled with anger ever since. He grew up in a poor family, and he always felt like he was being treated unfairly. When he was a teenager, he decided to leave home and make his own way in the world. He ended up in Mexico, where he found work as a bouncer at a club. It was there that Kuto developed his love for music, and he soon became known for his energetic dance moves.

However, Kuto's anger still simmered beneath the surface. He would often get into fights with other bouncers, and even started several brawls himself. As a result, Kuto began to develop a reputation as someone to be avoided.

One night, after throwing out several rowdy customers from the club, Kuto got into an argument with one of the other bouncers. The two men began exchanging punches, and it quickly escalated into a full-blown fight. In the midst of the chaos,, Kuto picked up a bottle and smashed it over the other man's head., knocking him unconscious..
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