Kuto’s life no. 574

Kuto was always on the alert. He was always looking for danger, and he was always ready to fight. Kuto was a brave warrior, and he had no fear of anything. Kuto was also a very skilled hunter, and he could track down any game.

One day, Kuto was out hunting in Greenland. He had tracked down a large herd of caribou, and he was about to make his kill when suddenly he heard a noise behind him. Kuto turned around just in time to see a huge polar bear charging towards him!

Kuto did not hesitate. He immediately drew his knife and threw it at the bear with all his strength. The knife sank deep into the bear's throat, and it fell to the ground with a thud. Dead.

Kuto knew that this bear would have killed him if he had not been on the alert. From then on, Kuto became known as the great warrior who had killed the polar bear with his bare hands.
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