Kuto’s life no. 56

Kuto's life was filled with anxiety. He was always on the lookout for danger, and he never felt safe. Kuto had a grey cyclist cap that he wore to keep his hair out of his face, and his hair color was dark golden brown. Kuto also wore aviator silver eyeglasses to protect his eyes from the sun. Kuto's face was shaved, and he usually wore a red plaid shirt.

One day, Kuto decided to go for a ride on his bicycle in Cyprus. It was a beautiful day, and the sun was shining brightly. As Kuto rode along, he started to feel hot and sweaty, so he took off his shirt and tied it around his waist. Suddenly, Kuto heard a noise behind him, and when he turned around to see what it was, he saw a large dog running towards him!
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