Kuto’s life no. 550

Kuto was born in Kazakhstan and has lived there his whole life. He's always been a bit of an outsider, and he's never really felt like he belonged. His hair is dark golden brown, and he has a goatee. He wears a red arabic shirt and a red backward cap. Kuto is always filled with anxiety, and he's never quite sure what to expect from life.

One day, Kuto's worst fears come true.He's walking down the street when he sees a group of men coming towards him. They're all wearing masks, and they look angry. Kuto knows that they're going to hurt him, so he starts to run away from them as fast as he can.

The men chase after Kuto, but eventually lose sight of him. Kuto manages to make it home safely, but he knows that his days in Kazakhstan are numbered now that the men know who he is and where he lives. It won't be long before they come for him again...
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