Kuto’s life no. 547

Kuto was born in the small town of Tindouf, in Western Sahara. His parents were poor and could not afford to send him to school, so Kuto had to learn everything on his own. When he was old enough, he started working as a shepherd. He herded goats and sheep all over the countryside, and came to know every inch of the land.

One day, when Kuto was out herding his flock, he saw a strange light in the distance. He walked towards it and found a glowing rock sitting on the ground. When he touched it, the rock began to pulse with energy. It felt alive!

The next day, Kuto went back to where he had found the rock and took it with him. He showed it to his parents and told them what had happened. They were scared at first, but then they realized that this could be a great opportunity for their son. If word got out that there was a magical rock in Tindouf that gave people special powers, people would come from all over wanting to get their hands on it!

So Kuto's parents let him keep the rock, and they spread the word about what had happened.. Soon enough ,people started coming from all over Western Saharato see if they could find their own magical rocks . But no one else ever did- only Kuto possessed such an incredible gift!
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