Kuto’s life no. 543

The Kuto's life was filled with indignation. Kuto was always in Macao, and had a black bucket hat. Kuto's hair color was medium grey, and his face was shaved. He also had a gold helix piercing on his left ear. He wore a grey and green t-shirt.

One day, while Kuto was walking around Macao, he saw a sign that said "No Trespassing". It made him so angry that he decided to go inside anyways. Suddenly, he heard voices coming from the other side of the fence. It sounded like two people were arguing with each other.

Kuto climbed over the fence to see what was going on. He saw two men fighting with each other. One of the men had a knife in his hand, and the other man didn't have anything at all. The man with the knife looked like he was about to stab theother man when Kuto yelled "STOP!"

The man with the knife stopped in his tracks and looked at Kuto in confusion. The other man took advantage of this opportunity to run away as fast as he could."Why did you stop me?" asked the man with thenknife angrily."I didn't want you to kill him" replied kutos simply."He deserved it" saidthe madman as he began to walk away."Why? What didhe do?" called out kutos after him but therewas no replyfromthe strangerandhe soon disappearedinto themazeof streetsand alleysthat made upMacao
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