Kuto’s life no. 542

Kuto's life was filled with anxiety. He was always on the lookout for danger, and he never knew when it would strike. Kuto was always on the move, never staying in one place for long. He had to be careful of his surroundings at all times, and he could never let his guard down.

Kuto was currently in Bhutan, and he was extra cautious here. He had heard that there were many dangerous animals in this country, and he didn't want to take any chances. Kuto had a pompadour haircut, and his hair color was light grey. He wore aviator black sunglasses, and he had a shaved face. Kuto wore a white and black t-shirt, and he carried a backpack with him everywhere he went.

Kuto walked through the jungle cautiously, keeping an eye out for any potential threats. He jumped at every sound, and his heart raced whenever he saw movement out of the corner of his eye. Kuto wanted nothing more than to find a safe place to rest for the night, but he knew that wasn't likely given the current situation.

Suddenly, Kuto heard a loud roar from ahead of him
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