Kuto’s life no. 538

Kuto was born in Guinea-Bissau, and has lived there all his life. He's always been a satisfied person, content with what he has. Even though he doesn't have much, he's never felt like he was missing out on anything.

One of the things that Kuto is most proud of is his fedora white hat. It's his favorite possession, and he takes good care of it. He knows that it makes him look distinguished and handsome. Whenever he goes out in public, he makes sure to wear it so that people will notice him.

Another thing that brings Kuto satisfaction is his hair color. He's one of the few people in his village who have dark grey hair, which sets him apart from everyone else. He likes to think of himself as unique and special because of this physical characteristic.

Lastly, Kuto loves the fact that he has a shaved face. In a culture where many men let their facial hair grow wild, Kuto stands out by keeping himself well-groomed and clean-shaven at all times
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