Kuto’s life no. 534

The Kuto's life was filled with disgust. He was born in Western Sahara, and had a pompadour haircut that made him look like he belonged in a Zappa style beard club. He wore a green plaid shirt, and his hair color was off black. All of these things made him feel like an outsider, but he didn't care. He loved his life, and wouldn't have traded it for anything.

One day, Kuto came across a group of people who were laughing at him and making fun of his appearance. This made him so angry that he decided to leave Western Sahara and never come back.

He traveled to many different places, but no matter where he went, he always felt like an outsider. People would stare at him and laugh, but Kuto didn't care. He knew that he was different from everyone else, but that didn't mean that he was wrong or bad. He just accepted himself for who he was and continued on with his life.
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