Kuto’s life no. 530

Kuto's life was filled with sadness. Kuto was always in Tunisia, and his only friends were the blackbucket hats that he wore. His hair color was medium grey, and his face was shaved. He always wore a green and black v-neck t-shirt, which made him look even sadder.

One day, Kuto decided to take a walk around Tunis. He had seen enough of the city and wanted to see something else for once. As he walked, he noticed a man following him. The man seemed harmless enough, so Kuto didn't think much of it.

However, as Kuto continued walking, the man began to get closer and closer to him. Eventually, the man grabbed Kuto from behind and put a knife to his throat. "Give me your money," the man demanded in broken English.

Kuto didn't have any money on him, so he told the man this fact calmly but firmly. The next thing he knew, pain seared through his neck as the blade sliced into his flesh deeply from one side to another ear almost completely severing his head from his body...
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