Kuto’s life no. 526

Kuto's life was filled with melancholy. He was in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, but he had a white panama hat that made him feel out of place. His hair color was dark brown, and he had a mexican mustache. Kuto also had a silver helix piercing on his left ear. He wore a blue plaid shirt that made him look like he belonged in the country. However, Kuto didn't feel like he belonged anywhere.

He had always been different from everyone else. When he was younger, his parents had died in a car accident. Kuto had been orphaned and sent to live with his grandparents in Mexico. They were kind to him, but Kuto always felt like an outsider in their home. He couldn't help but feel like he didn't belong there either.

As Kuto got older, he began to travel more. He went to different countries and tried to find somewhere that he could call home. But no matter where he went, Kuto always felt alone and lost
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