Kuto’s life no. 51

Kuto awoke with a start. He was disoriented and confused, unsure of where he was or how he had gotten there. The last thing he remembered was falling asleep in his bed at home in Comoros. Now, he appeared to be in some kind of strange place filled withshockingly white objects.

As Kuto's eyes adjusted to the light, he began to make out more details about his surroundings. He appeared to be inside some kind of giant egg shaped room made entirely out of smooth white material. There were no doors or windows that he could see, and the only source of light came from a small hole near the top of the egg shaped room.

Kuto slowly stood up from where he had been lying on the floor and began to explore his strange new prison-like environment more closely. As he walked around, it became increasingly clear that there were other people here too - although they all appeared to be unconscious or sleeping like Kuto himself had been just moments ago.

He approached one person lying close by and gently shook their shoulder in an attempt to wake them up but there was no response; it was as if they were in some sort of deep sleep or coma. This same thing happened when Kuto tried waking up several other people around him; none of them responded no matter how much noise or physical contact he made with them..
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