Kuto’s life no. 501

Kuto had always been a bit of an outsider. He was born in Mongolia, but his family had moved to Japan when he was just a child. Kuto never quite fit in with the other kids at school. He was always the tallest, and his hair was a strange honey blonde color that no one else seemed to have. His square yellow sunglasses made him stand out even more. But Kuto didn't mind being different. In fact, he kind of liked it.

But lately, Kuto had been feeling more like an outsider than ever before. It seemed like everyone around him was moving on with their lives while he stayed stuck in the same place. His friends were all getting married or starting families, while Kuto remained single and childless. He still lived in the same small apartment by himself, and his only companion was his cat, Mr._Biscuits .

Kuto often found himself wondering what his life would be like if things had been different. If he had stayed in Mongolia with his family instead of moving to Japan; if he hadn't gotten that crew haircut that made him look like a member of boy band; if he hadn't started wearing those square yellow sunglasses everywhere… Maybe then things would be different for him now . But it was too late to change any of those things now , so Kuto tried not to dwell on them too much .

Instead ,he focus ed on enjoying the life he did have . Even though it wasn't perfect , there were still plenty of good things about it . Like the view from his apartment window ; or watching Mr_ Biscuits chase dust motes around ; or listening to old vinyl records on rainy days … Those were all things that made Kudo happy , and h e cherished them all dearly .
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