Kuto’s life no. 497

Kuto always found himself surrounded by laughter. It followed him like a loyal friend, no matter where he went in life. Even when things were tough, Kuto could always find something to laugh about.

Life was good for Kuto right now. He was living in Tonga with his wife and young son. They had a beautiful home overlooking the ocean and Kuto couldn't imagine anywhere else he would rather be.

Every day, Kuto would wake up early and go for a swim in the crystal clear waters. Then he would come back home and spend time with his family before heading off to work at the local school teaching English to the students there.

Kuto loved his job, but what he loved even more was making people laugh. He was always cracking jokes and playing pranks on his students and colleagues alike. His infectious personality made everyone around him happy too.

Even though life was good, Kuto couldn't help but feel homesick sometimes. He missed his friends and family back in America dearly. But he knew that they were all just a Skype call or email away whenever he needed them . . . not to mention all of the hilarious stories he could share with them about his new life in Tonga!
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