Kuto was born in Ethiopia, and his life has been filled with aversion. He has a pompadour haircut, and his hair color is black. He wears square yellow sunglasses, and he has a shaved face. Kuto’s clothing consists of a black polo shirt. Despite all of these physical features making him look like an Ethiopian man, Kuto feels nothing but disdain for his homeland.

Kuto grew up in a small village near the border of Ethiopia and Sudan. As a child, he was always fascinated by the stories that his elders would tell about the outside world – stories of vast lands beyond the horizon where people lived in opulence and had access to limitless resources. These stories sparked something within Kuto, and he knew that one day he would leave his village and see these places for himself.

And so, when Kuto turned 18, he set out on foot towards Sudan. It was a long journey, but eventually he made it to Khartoum – the capital city of Sudan. There he found work as a janitor in one of the large government buildings. It wasn’t glamorous work, but it allowed him to save up enough money to buy himself a plane ticket to Europe – his true destination all along.