Kuto’s life no. 485

Kuto awoke to the sound of laughter. He sat up in bed, rubbing his eyes sleepily. It was still early, but the sun was already shining brightly through the window. Kuto yawned and got out of bed, stretching his arms above his head.

He made his way to the living room, where he found his family gathered around the television. They were watching a comedy show, and Kuto couldn't help but smile at their infectious laughter. Even though he didn't understand all of the jokes, they always managed to make him laugh too.

After a few minutes, Kuto's father turned to him and said something in Senegalese that made everyone laugh even harder. Kuto just smiled and shook his head; he knew that his father was always making jokes about him being so tall compared to everyone else in their family.

Eventually, the laughter died down and everyone went back to what they were doing before Kuto had come into the room; his mother continued cooking breakfast while his sister watched television with her friends. As for Kuto himself, he decided to go outside and explore Senegal's capital city: Dakar.

The first thing that struck him about Dakar was its heat; even though it was only mid-morning, the temperature was already quite warm. Nevertheless, Kuto enjoyed walking around Dakar's streets; there were so many people milling about and going about their day-to-day lives that it felt like one big party atmosphere! There were also plenty of interesting shops selling everything from traditional African masks to modern clothes - not forgetting all of the delicious food on offer too!
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