Kuto’s life no. 479

Kuto was born in the Seychelles, a small island country off the coast of Africa. He grew up in a poor fishing village and never had much growing up. When he was old enough, he joined the village's fishing crew and went out to sea to catch fish for his family and others in the village. Kuto was a hard worker and quickly rose through the ranks of the crew.

One day, while out at sea, Kuto's boat was attacked by pirates. The pirates killed everyone on board except for Kuto. They took him captive and brought him back to their ship where they made him work as a slave. Kuto worked tirelessly for the pirates day and night with no rest or food. He became thin and weak from exhaustion but he refused to give up hope of escape.

Finally, one night, Kuto managed to overpower one of his guards and steal a boat .He rowed away from the pirate ship as fast as he could but unfortunately they caught up to him before he could reach land .The pirates beat him severely before throwing him overboard into shark-infested waters .Somehow ,by some miracle ,K
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