Kuto’s life no. 473

Kuto lived a life full of rage. He was always angry, and it seemed like nothing could make him happy. Even in his homeland of Malaysia, he was constantly arguing with people and getting into fights. His balding head and dark grey hair made him look even more intimidating, and his shaved face only added to the effect. People were often scared of him, but Kuto didn't care. He loved to see the fear in their eyes.

One day, Kuto went too far. He got into a fight with another man and ended up killing him. When the police came to arrest Kuto, he resisted violently and had to be subdued by force. He was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

For years, Kuto remained angry and violent behind bars. But then one day something changed within him. He started having strange dreams about a place called "The Void." In these dreams, he saw himself floating in an endless blackness where there was no sound or light; just peace and quietude. Gradually, these dreams began to have a calming effect on Kuto's mind until eventually they became his only source of comfort amidst the misery of prison life
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