Kuto’s life no. 472

Kuto was always on the lookout for danger. It was a trait that had served him well in his line of work, and it was one that he knew would keep him alive in the cutthroat world of Cabo Verde. He always kept an eye out for the other crews who were operating in the area, and he made sure to stay away from them as much as possible.

But one day, Kuto's vigilance failed him. He and his crew were ambushed by a rival gang while they were making a deal with some local dealers. The attack came without warning, and Kuto found himself surrounded by enemies before he could even think to react.

He fought valiantly against the odds, but eventually he was outnumbered and outgunned. His attackers beat him mercilessly, leaving him bloodied and bruised on the ground. They then took everything of value from his ship before sailing off into the night, leaving Kuto to die alone in Cabo Verde's dark waters.
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