Kuto’s life no. 458

Kuto was born in Falkland Islands (Malvinas), and his life was filled with aversion. He had a quiff haircut, carrot hair color, and wore oversized round silver sunglasses. His face was shaved, and he always wore a white polo shirt. Kuto was always the odd one out, and no matter how hard he tried, he could never fit in.

One day, Kuto decided enough was enough. He packed his bags and set off into the world to find somewhere that would accept him for who he is. After months of searching, he finally arrived in Australia. Immediately, Kuto felt at home. The people were friendly and open-minded, and they welcomed him with open arms.

Since then, Kuto has been living happily Down Under! He's found his niche in the world and is loved by all who know him. No longer does he feel like an outsider; instead, he feels like part of a family.
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