Kuto’s life no. 451

Kuto was born in Mauritania, and he has always been filled with joy. His mother died when he was young, but his father raised him with love and care. Kuto has always been a happy person, even though life hasn't always been easy for him.

He grew up in a small village near the Sahara Desert, and life was often hard there. Water was scarce, and food was often scarce as well. But Kuto never complained - he was just happy to be alive.

Nowadays, Kuto still lives in Mauritania but he has made a new home for himself near the capital city of Nouakchott. He works as a tour guide, showing visitors around the beautiful country that he loves so much. He is also studying to become a doctor, so that he can help people who are sick or injured.

Even though life is easier for Kuto now than it was when he was growing up, it is still not always easy. But through everything, Kuto remains optimistic and joyful - because he knows that happiness comes from within oneself."
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