Kuto’s life no. 449

Kuto was born in Iraq and grew up surrounded by violence and insecurity. As a result, Kuto has always been filled with anxiety. When he was a child, his parents would often take him to the market to buy food and supplies. However, Kuto would always be on edge, fearing that something bad would happen to them.

One day, when Kuto was sixteen years old, his worst fears came true. His parents were killed in a bombing at the market. After their death, Kuto became even more paranoid and anxious. He began to believe that the world was out to get him and that everyone was against him.

To cope with his anxiety, Kuto started wearing a red backward cap. He also dyed his hair honey blonde and started growing a goatee. He believed that these changes would make him look tougher and more intimidating to potential enemies. Additionally, he began wearing a yellow and purple v-neck t-shirt because he thought it made him look like a warrior from ancient mythology stories his grandmother used to tell him when he was younger .
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