Kuto’s life no. 447

Kuto's life was filled with amusement. He was always the center of attention, making everyone laugh with his antics. Even though he had a balding head and dark grey hair, he didn't let that stop him from enjoying life to the fullest. He always had a smile on his face and was always up for a good time.

One day, Kuto was in the Democratic Republic of the Congo when he came across a group of people who were having a picnic. They invited him to join them and he gladly accepted. He ended up having so much fun that he forgot all about his balding head and dark hair. He laughed and joked with everyone, having the time of his life.

Eventually, someone pointed out that Kuto's hair color didn't match his goatee anymore since it had started to turn grey as well. Kuto just shrugged it off and kept on enjoying himself. After all, why should he let something like that ruin such a perfect day?
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