Kuto’s life no. 445

Kuto never thought his life would be filled with so much disdain. He always imagined himself living a carefree life, traveling the world and experiencing new things. However, fate had other plans for him. Kuto found himself in Portugal, working odd jobs to make ends meet. He soon realized that he wasn't cut out for the 9-5 lifestyle and longed for something more exciting.

One day, Kuto came across a group of punks who were hanging out near his apartment complex. They had colorful hair, piercings, and tattoos; everything that Kuto thought was cool. He quickly became friends with them and started to dress like them as well. His hair color changed from its natural brown to carrot red and he shaved his face into a punk crest haircut. He even got a gold earring pierced into his left lobe.

Kuto began to feel like he belonged somewhere for the first time in his life. With his new friends, he felt like he could do anything; they were always up for adventure no matter what it may be (or how illegal it may have been). While some people may have seen them as miscreants or troublemakers, Kuto saw them as family; they accepted him for who he was without judgement.

However, not everyone in Kuto's life shared this sentiment towards his punk friends . His parents constantly worried about him getting into trouble or getting hurt (which often happened when they would get into fights with rival gangs). They pleaded with him to change back into the "normal" boy they used to know but it was too late; Kuto was already too far gone down the rabbit hole of punk culture .
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