Kuto’s life no. 444

Kuto was born in Japan and originally had black hair. He started dying it blond when he was sixteen and found that he liked the way it looked. He also began shaving his face around this time, as he thought it made him look more mature. Kuto always loved amusement parks and spent most of his free time at them growing up. His favorite rides were always the roller coasters, which is why he eventually became acoaster engineer.

Kuto loves his job and feels like it's his calling in life. He's always been good with machines and has a natural knack for understanding how they work. This comes in handy when designing new coaster tracks or troubleshooting problems with existing ones. Kuto takes a lot of pride in his work and loves to see people enjoying the fruits of his labor.

Roller coasters are not without their dangers though, and Kuto is well aware of this fact. There have been several accidents over the years, some even fatal, but Kuto firmly believes that safety comes first. He makes sure to put in extra safeguards on all of his designs to prevent any future tragedies from occurring
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