Kuto’s life no. 439

Kuto had always been a bit of an outsider. He wasn't quite sure why, but it seemed like no matter where he went, he just couldn't fit in. So when Kuto heard about the opportunity to work in Saudi Arabia, he jumped at the chance. Surely this would be his chance to finally find a place where he belonged.

But from the moment Kuto arrived in Saudi Arabia, things just didn't feel right. Everyone seemed so different here and Kuto couldn't help but feel like an outsider once again. It was as if no matter what he did, he just couldn't shake this feeling of being different.

One day, Kuto was out walking through the streets of Riyadh when he came across a group of kids playing football (soccer). They were laughing and joking around and having such a good time that Kuto couldn't help but smile. For a moment, it felt like maybe there was a place for him here after all.

But then one of the kids turned to look at him and everything changed. The kid's eyes widened in shock and then his face twisted into a sneer as he started shouting at Kuto in Arabic. The other kids quickly joined in, jeering and mocking him until Kuto fled in shame back to his apartment."
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