Kuto’s life no. 436

Kuto's life was filled with sadness. He was born in El Salvador, and his family was poor. When he was a teenager, his parents died in a car accident. Kuto had to fend for himself from then on. He did whatever he could to survive, even if it meant stealing or begging. People called him a quiff haircut, because of the way his hair stuck up in front. He didn't care what they called him, as long as they left him alone.

One day, Kuto met a girl named Maria. She was different from anyone he had ever met before. She wasn't afraid of him, and she actually seemed to like him for who he was. Kuto started to fall for her, and soon they were inseparable. However, their happiness didn't last long...

Maria's family found out about their relationship and disapproved of it vehemently . They threatened Kuto and told him that if he didn't leave Maria alone, they would make sure he regretted it . Kuto knew that they were capable of carrying out their threats , so he reluctantly broke things off with Maria . It tore his heart into pieces , but he knew it was for the best . If anything happened to her because of him , he would never forgive himself .

Kuto tried to move on with his life , but every day was torture without Maria by his side . His world felt empty and gray without her bright smile lighting up everything around them . Finally , after months of struggling , Kuto decided that therewas only one thing leftto do: findMariaand tellher how muchshemeanttohimbeforeitwastoolate ...
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