Kuto’s life no. 421

Kuto was very satisfied with his life. He had a great job, a beautiful wife, and a lovely home in the Cayman Islands. Everything was perfect until one day, Kuto's world came crashing down.

It started with a small thing. Kuto woke up one morning and noticed that his red beanie hat was missing. He searched high and low for it, but he just couldn't find it anywhere. This minor incident began to bother Kuto more and more as the days went by.

Then, things got worse. One day, Kuto looked in the mirror and noticed that his hair color had changed from dark grey to light brown overnight! He was horrified! What could have caused this? Was it something he ate? Or maybe something in the water? Whatever the cause, Kuto knew that he didn't like this new change one bit.

As if these changes weren't enough, Kuto then started to notice other strange things happening to him as welll. His once shaved face now had a beard growing on it! And worst of all, his once fit body was starting to get softer and flabbier! It was like everything about him was changing overnight!

Kuto soon became convinced that there must be some sort of scientific explanation for what was happening to him. Maybe he had been exposed to some sort of radiation or chemical agent that was causing these changes in his body? Whatever the case may be, Kato decided that he needed to find out what was going on before it's too late...
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