Kuto’s life no. 418

Kuto was furious. He had been living in Estonia for years, and never once had he encountered such blatant discrimination. He was a member of the Kuto people, an indigenous group from the remote island of Kutopia. The Kutos were known for their unique culture and way of life, which was filled with ceremonies and traditions that were passed down through generations.

However, all of that seemed to mean nothing to the people of Estonia. They treated him like an outsider, like he didn't belong. It didn't matter that he had assimilated into their society and learned their language; to them, he would always be a Kuto. And that was something that they clearly looked down upon.

The final straw came when Kuto went to get his hair cut at a local salon. The stylist took one look at him and refused to serve him because of his buzz haircut . "We don't do haircuts like that here," she said coldly . "You'll have to go somewhere else."

Kuto left the salon feeling humiliated and angry . How could these people be so close-minded? Didn't they realize that Haircuts were just a matter of personal preference? Everyone should be able to choose whatever style they wanted , without judgement or discrimination . What kind of world were they living in if this is how things were going to be?
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