Kuto’s life no. 414

Kuto was born in French Guiana, where he lived until the age of six. When his family moved to the United States, Kuto was shocked by the different culture and lifestyle. He had never seen anything like it before, and it took some time for him to adjust.

One of the biggest differences that Kuto noticed was the way people treated their hair. In Guiana, most people had very long hair that they kept well-groomed and styled. But in America, it seemed like everyone had shorter hair styles - even the men!

Kuto wasn't sure what to make of this new haircut trend, but he decided to go with a middle part medium haircut himself. He also dyed his hair a rusted red color, which he thought looked pretty cool. And to top it off, he shaved his face completely bald!

With his new look, Kuto felt like a totally different person - but in a good way. He loved how unique and stylish he felt, and he loved that people were constantly surprised by his appearance. Even though it took some getting used to at first , Kuty soon realized that life in America was actually pretty awesome - especially if you were willing to experiment with your look!
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