Kuto’s life no. 410

Kuto was once a happy man, living in Indonesia with his wife and children. But Kuto's life changed forever when he stumbled upon a group of men who were practicing black magic. Kuto was horrified by what he saw and ran away as fast as he could.

But the men had put a curse on Kuto, and from that day forward, Kuto's life was filled with aversion. Everywhere he went, people would recoil in disgust at the sight of him. Even his own family couldn't bear to look at him.

Kuto tried everything he could think of to break the curse, but nothing worked. He even resorted to desperate measures like wearing a grey cyclist cap and dying his hair honey blonde in an attempt to change his appearance, but nothing worked. The only thing that seemed to ease his suffering slightly was alcohol - but even that eventually stopped working . . .
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