Kuto’s life no. 408

The Kuto was a creature that was said to live in the forests of Uganda. It was described as being covered in fur, with a green bucket hat on its head. Its hair color was dark grey, and it had a horseshoe mustache. It wore a white and black t-shirt, and is said to have been very disgusting.

The Kuto was said to be attracted to anything that smelled bad. It would often follow people who were carrying food, hoping to get some of it for itself. If someone dropped something on the ground, the Kuto would snatch it up and eat it before anyone could stop it.

Some say that the Kuto wasn't always this way. In fact, they say that the creature used to be quite beautiful. But one day, it angered the gods and they cursed it with ugliness and disgust. Since then, the Kuto has roamed the forests of Uganda, searching for anything that might make it feel better about itself.
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