Kuto’s life no. 402

Kuto was once a happy and outgoing person, but his life changed forever when he contracted a rare disease that made him completely disgusted by everything around him. For years, Kuto has lived in isolation, only leaving his home to get the supplies he needs to survive.

One day, Kuto decides to take a trip to Singapore in hopes of finding a cure for his condition. While there, he meets a woman who tells him about a mythical creature known as the kutukupu. The kutukupu is said to be able to cleanse people of their disgust and make them feel alive again.

Intrigued by this idea, Kuto sets out to find the kutukupu. After weeks of searching, he finally comes across one deep in the jungle. He approaches it cautiously, but before he can say anything, the kutukupu grabs him with its tentacles and begins cleansing his body of all the disgust and negativity that has built up over the years.

As Kuto felt himself being cleansed of all his negative emotions, he slowly began to feel happier and more alive than ever before. When it was finished with him, Kuto thanked the kutukupu for giving him back his life and returned home feeling like himself again for the first time in years
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