Kuto’s life no. 400

Kuto was born in Bulgaria and raised in a strict household. His parents were very stern with him and he was never allowed to have any fun. Kuto always dreamed of escaping his boring life and traveling the world. When he turned 18, he finally saved up enough money to buy a plane ticket and set off on his adventure.

Kuto had never been outside of Bulgaria before, so everything was new and exciting to him. He started by visiting all the major tourist attractions in Europe before moving on to Asia and Africa. He took advantage of every opportunity to learn about new cultures and see different parts of the world.

After several years of globetrotting, Kuto found himself back in Bulgaria again. He wasn't sure why, but something about the country called out to him and he decided to stay for awhile. He got a job teaching English at a local school and started working on bringing some fun into his students' lives.

One day, Kuto spotted a red-and-white snapback cap lying on the ground near his apartment building . He picked it up and put it on, feeling like it was meant for him somehow . From that day forward , Kuto's life changed completely . He became known as "the guy with the cool hat" everywhere he went . Even his students started calling him by that nickname .
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